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 Rules of Battle

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PostSubject: Rules of Battle   Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:21 am

No Blissey/Wybafett-Wastes My time
No Ubers (I will allow ONE uber and it is Garchomp)
No Legends (I don't care if they are a OV)
No hacked moves
No hacked Items
No hacked Stats
No Legends
They are the same thing
No cheap moves.
No 1 hit K.O
Disconecting will count as a Win for Me only if you don't have an explination and proof.

If I battle you it is as a Friendly stake. If I battle you as a gym leader. I WILL TELL YOU
Remember, No legends (Anything That is you can get 1 in the pokemon world, such as a latias)
Hacked stats will count as an automatic loss. No hacked moves. A Pikachu with surf common. Really.

Cheap Moves- Healing Primaraly
Please don't use the move Roost more than 2 times in a battle. I hate when people use a heal move over and over. It prolongs te battle and wastes my time. Using a Sleep move abusely means you have to kill pokemon when they can't attack you means your are a coward. I am not saying you can't use it I am saying don't abuse it.

One-hit KO
Sheer Cold, Horn Drill, Fissure, etc. don't belong in competitive play. Bogus random kills are just luck and don't reflect player skill in any way

Luck Items
Brightpowder, etc. don't belong in a competitive atmosphere, as they are luck-based and don't reflect player ability


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Well Known Trainer

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PostSubject: Re: Rules of Battle   Sat May 15, 2010 8:45 am

Incase you didn't know pikachu with surf is legit and they also have fly so if you disconnect against anyone with one it will be a win for them. You can't also say no "cheap moves" that makes no sense considering you can call any good move cheap. That would take away from the value of the game and this site.
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Rules of Battle
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